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Video Sales Letter Workshop Review

Are you using video yet to help build your business?  In keeping with my commitment to bring you great resources for building your business, I want to share this review of one of the BEST classes that I’ve taken to date… bar none. It has recently been promoted by some of the big guns (including […]

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Blog Mastery Award

Blog Mastery Award

First things first, to give credit where credit is due, Belinda Cunningham is the creator of this great idea.  As I understand it, blogs that are nominated pay it forward by nominating 10 blogs of their choosing for the award, listing them on their site for their readers to check out, thus spreading the word […]

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Facebook Icon

Facebook Fun

Have you implemented a Facebook plan yet?  I’ve heard a number of marketers say that Facebook has become their #1 source of traffic lately so felt it was time to dig in a little more deeply.  To that end, I have recently run a couple of experiments and found a couple of new tools for […]

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