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Blog Mastery Award

Blog Mastery Award

First things first, to give credit where credit is due, Belinda Cunningham is the creator of this great idea.  As I understand it, blogs that are nominated pay it forward by nominating 10 blogs of their choosing for the award, listing them on their site for their readers to check out, thus spreading the word […]

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Avatar Content Ideas

Over this past weekend, I learned about a terrific exercise from Don Crowther that not only provides relevant content fodder but helps keep marketers focused on their audience in all of their communication.  It is simple, efficient and extremely effective at ensuring laser focused communication with your customer.  The exercise does however, require that you […]

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On Writing Content

Creating Compelling Content

I had a heyday today thinking about creating compelling content.  I’m sure you’ve heard the expression “content is king” and that really is true.  Readers come to a blog to find valuable, compelling content…not garbage, so what gives them the value they seek?  What makes compelling content?  How can you keep it coming day in […]

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Worlwide Internet

Add a Favicon to Your Blog

Have you noticed that some blogs sport a tiny icon next to their URL, in your browser tab and bookmark lists and wondered how you can do that for your blog?  That small image is called a ‘favicon’ and it is relatively simple to do once you get going on the right track. Many blog […]

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