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Avatar Content Ideas

Over this past weekend, I learned about a terrific exercise from Don Crowther that not only provides relevant content fodder but helps keep marketers focused on their audience in all of their communication.  It is simple, efficient and extremely effective at ensuring laser focused communication with your customer.  The exercise does however, require that you […]

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FB Question Marks

Facebook “Questions”

Facebook continues to impress and is becoming an even more powerful tool for small business by adding the “Questions” product..  If you haven’t yet heard about Facebook “Questions”, you’ll definitely want to check this out.  Like LinkedIn, Yahoo and others, Facebook’s Q&A provides an opportunity to reach out and glean information from friends or simply […]

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Targeting Niche Markets

Niche Marketing

There is the “niche” about which one is most passionate and then there is “niche marketing” which is a perfectly valid online marketing strategy in and of itself. Rather than identifying a single niche about which one is passionate, some marketers make a living by identifying multiple potentially profitable markets and staking a presence in […]

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Blogging for Beginners : First Steps

The logistics of setting up a blog for the first time can seem daunting but if you break it down into bite size pieces, it doesn’t have to be overwhelming.  Having just been through this again recently, I remembered how frustrating it can be so decided to put together a few instructions for any newbies […]

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